12 Wonderful Benefits From Cardamom

Cardamom is a wonderful spice with incredible taste and health benefits. The birthplaces originate from the evergreen backwoods of India. It is utilized broadly in Indian cooking, just as in Ayurvedic medicine.

Cardamom (or otherwise called cardamom) helps in the mouth, stomach related issues, even in melancholy.

What else is it useful for and why is it advisable to include it more often in the dishes?


Cardamom has similar properties to those of ginger. It is therefore useful for digestive problems. Potassium potion helps with nausea, acids, flatulence, gases, loss of appetite, constipation.

Cardamom is valuable for the kidney and urinary tract, since it animates the characteristic detoxification of the body and cleans the organs responsible for the separation of toxins.

In bad breath

Indians-100? chew leaves of cardamom or cardamom alone after eating, to refresh their breath.


The diuretic properties of cardamom are additionally part of the detoxification of the body. He cleans the bladder, which provokes frequent and excessive urination. It is helpful for the kidneys and heart since it conveys abundance salts from the body along with the reduced fluid and toxins.

Against depression

In Ayurvedic cardamom has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, depression due to natural antidepressant properties.

In case of cold and flu

Spice helps alleviate colds and flu. Cardamom can be applied successfully in both bronchitis and cough.

Against cancer

Studies show that cardamom inhibits the growth of tumor cells and contributes to the prevention of some cancers.

Reduces blood pressure

Since it is a decent diuretic, this nut lessens circulatory strain in the wake of showing abundance liquid and salts from the body.

Against thrombus

Cardamom contains normal counteractive action of substances that prevent the occurrence of blood clots.


Cardamom is filled with antioxidants, which fight free radicals, aging, malignant cell changes.

Anti-inflammatory agent

Like ginger and turmeric, who are identified with him, cardamom has solid calming properties. It quickly soothes the swelling and pain in the mucous membrane, mostly the throat, mouth and mucous membranes.


According to Indian traditional medicine, a potion of this nut or tea with cardamom gives men sexual power, helps with erectile dysfunction, and prolongs erection.

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