Sour cherry

Sour Cherry Improves Health

The cherry tree came to our parts of Asia Minor as far back as the Romans, and today the cherry tree is planted.

Every fruit, even sour cherry, is low in fat and protein, and also in calories, but it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B complex and minerals – potassium, iron and cobalt. The energy value of sour cherries is 46 cal / 100 grams of fruit, and the characteristics do not change even when frozen. That is why we enjoy the whole year in the sights.

Sour cherries contain powerful antioxidants found in its pigment (anthocyanins), and play a major role in preventing the most severe diseases. By decreasing the effect of free radicals on cells, we shield them from harm. Alongside glucose, sharp fruits likewise contain acids (apple, lemon and wine) containing about 85% water, so they act refreshingly on the body. That is the reason acrid cherry juice is so scrumptious. That is why sour cherry juice is so tasty. Sour cherries are a great tool in preventing cancer, anemia, stroke, fever and atherosclerosis. Sour cherry juice is known for lowering blood pressure, so sour cherries are highly regarded in people with hypertension.

Sour cherries are great in high cholesterol because antioxidants prevent bad cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging blood vessels. The cherry is the genuine watchman of the whole cardiovascular framework. It is additionally a fantastic wellspring of nutrient C that beneficially affects the body’s guards against contaminations. At the same time, seniors improve eyesight, reduce blood coagulation, improve sperm quality in men, prevent anemia in women after menstruation, normalize pressure, soothe rheumatism and gout.

However, this elixir of health, diabetics should consume it carefully because the high syrups contain a lot of sugar. Let everyone else enjoy the sights as much as they want.

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