Cure for Depression and Anxiety: Here’s Why You Should Always Have St. John’s Wort at Home

St. John’s wort successfully overcomes bad mood and depression, but this is not its only healing property

The herb decorated with bright yellow flowers can be found in the form of tea or drops. It has long been used as an effective remedy and a natural remedy.

This herb had a pronounced antibacterial effect and is a natural antiseptic. It also has a beneficial effect in the treatment of viral and retroviral infections.

Research is currently underway on its application to HIV and hepatitis C viruses. St. John’s wort vaginals are used for disinfection because they have broad antibacterial activity.

It is great for removing gynecological problems

In both folk and professional medicine, St. John’s wort vaginals are used for gynecological problems. They help rebuild the cervical mucosa and vagina, remove the effects of inflammation and candidiasis, accompanied by itching, pain and tingling.

St. John’s wort is also used as a sedative and for treating milder symptoms of depression. The St. John’s wort has become increasingly common in recent years as a means of combating depression. It was accepted in Germany as a medication for use in mild and moderate depression and is recognised by the World Health Organization.

St. John’s wort is similarly powerful compared to the antidepressants. It is used for depression, anxiety, mood disturbances with menopause, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

St. John’s wort extract helps with depression-resulting unpleasant conditions such as anxiety, restlessness, poor mood and insomnia.

The effect on dry, irritated and cracking skin is positive. Great as protection against heat, radiation, acne, burns, muscle damage, hematomas and other rheumatic illnesses.

Use and preparation of St. John’s wort tea

Drink it several times a day to remedy the inflammatory and painful conditions of the internal organs.

Unless otherwise stated on the packaging, St. John’s Wort tea is made with 200 g of boiling water and a teaspoon of dried flower or herb leaf. It should stand for at least 10 minutes and drink unsweetened.

If you are collecting St. John’s wort yourself, beware of environmentally friendly surfaces and at least 300 meters away from the roads where traffic is taking place. All medicinal herbs absorb poisonous particles from the exhaust, so you should not pick them up and use if they are near traffic.

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