3 Signs That You Have Iron Deficiency

Iron is a fundamental component that is required for some cell metabolic capacities, but the most important thing is to create red blood cells that transport oxygen through the body.

Even 80% of us do not have enough iron in our bodies, so to help fight this, we look at the three most common signs that can show that you have low levels of iron.


A sentiment of weakness that does not go with rest is a standout amongst the most well-known signs that you may have low dimensions of iron. Iron is a part of the hemoglobin that needs the body to convey oxygen from the lungs and transport it through the body. Without enough iron, the body is not able to make enough red blood cells that carry oxygen, which ultimately affects the level of energy.

Pale skin

Pale through the body, including skin, eyelids, nails or any other area may indicate low levels of iron. This is due to the low levels of hemoglobin that gives the red blood color and, consequently, to our skin, its pink color. If the levels of hemoglobin are low, red blood cells become smaller and milder, which means that our skin becomes weaker.

Lack of breath

Severe breathing can be a regular occurrence if you have low levels of iron, especially if you are taking regular physical activity. This is on the grounds that an absence of iron nearness implies that the body can’t move oxygen from the lungs around the body, which diminishes oxygen levels and builds the breathing rate while your body is attempting to get more oxygen.

Why So Many Symptoms?

By looking at these symptoms you may wonder why a low level of iron can be presented in so many ways, this is because iron plays a fundamental role in so many functions in the body, each of which produces a symptom that manifests itself in a different way.

Experiencing these symptoms may indicate a deficiency of iron, if so, consider testing the levels and consult your doctor.

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