spider bite

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Audree Kopp out of Philadelphia noticed a large bump that formed on her wrist.

She thought that it was a spider bite on it and started treating it accordingly. However, it got worse.

It kept getting redder and bigger. Thus, she made a decision to visit a doctor. They looked at the bump closely and gave her antibiotics.

There were no improvements, and for this reason she get back, ending up in the ER where it was determined that she should have a surgery in order to deal with the infection which got out of control.

After the results were examined, bacteria was discovered to reside there. It was formed from Audree’s hair tie that she had been wearing on the wrist.

It seeped through the pores and created an infection.

Audree advises women not to repeat her mistake and go through such a hell like her. It is the glitter tie which caused this problem.

Everyone has to take this as a warning, making sure not to do this habit since terrible things might happen.

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