How To Prevent A Fall In Immunity?

The decline in immunity is most pronounced during the cold days, from late autumn to early spring. It comes to him when bacteria and viruses overwhelm the body, which can cause an assortment of health issue and diseases.

The immune system is composed of the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow, which protects the body from infections caused by bacteria and viruses. In winter, our body spends more energy to warm up, making it less resistant to infections.

Exaggeration with different exercises, without the consideration of enough calories, minerals and vitamins, make magnificent conditions for the disease to not overcome.

The absence of vitamins leaves traces on the skin, hair or nails. This is likewise an indication of loss of your strength or immunity. Daily vitamins, particularly D, C and A, are devoured in the body by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Sufficient minerals and protein will give you chicken soup, loose meat, fish, shells, mushrooms and dairy products.

Try sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day. The peace, quiet and comfortable temperature in the sleeping room are required. Make a break when you feel that your strength has been depleted. Rest loosens up the body.

Spend a few minutes each day for yourself. Relax and do not think about commitments for at least 5 minutes. Moderate exercise strengthens immunity by as much as 50%, otherwise the increased and excessive physical effort exhausts the body and reduces immunity.

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