Bananas tapes

Peeling Banana Tapes Is A Big Mistake, And Look At Why!

Bananas tapes are hated “work” by many. “Hate” towards those fibers is so much, there are hundreds of blogs around the Internet, which are dedicated exclusively to them. And these fibers, besides having a name, have an important role in health.

The tapes are actually fleas – complex plant tissues and thanks to them, the banana grows all the necessary nutrients as it grows.

“As for whatever remains of the banana, these tapes have more supplements,” says Nicholas Gilit, a teacher of natural science.

Not exclusively do these tapes have a great deal of fiber, yet they additionally have nutrient A and nutrient B6.

It is absolutely fitting, as he says, not to expel the banana tapes,  judging by the fact that they are rich in nutrients more than all other fruits.

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