Drinking Half A Liter Of Water Before Meals Helps To Lose Weight

Drinking about half a liter of water before each meal can help overweight people lose weight. This is an examination by analysts at the University of Birmingham, cited by the British paper The Independent.

Their experiment involved 84 overweight people who were subjected to a three-day meal program and exercise as observed over a 12-week period. 41 of them were advised to drink half a liter of water before every dinner, while the rest were supposed to imagine their stomachs were already full.

The individuals who consumed water before every one of the three dinners lost a normal of 4.3 kg for the 12 weeks. The rest who drank water just before a dinner or never drank water lost just 0.8 kg.

“The beauty of these discoveries is in their simplicity. Just drinking half a liter of water, three times daily before each of the main meals can help to lose weight, “commented Dr Helen of the University of Birmingham.

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