Vaginal Flora

Keep The Balance In The Vaginal Flora In A Natural Way

Numerous elements may influence the vaginal issue. Unpleasant way of life, poor resistance or some outside impacts are one of the conceivable reasons for issues in private parts. But how can you prevent it and how it is healed?

What is the optimal pH value of the vagina

The healthy PH value of the intimate parts is about 5. The bacteria of the mucous membrane are in a healthy state and in equilibrium make up the normal so called. physiological flora.

Why is there a imbalance in the vaginal flora?

Diminished insusceptibility because of disease or, in the present time, because of expanding worry, because of taking different meds and different causes, can cause issue in the vaginal flora.Then, bacteria, fungi and viruses are given a free path to the interior, creating inflammation. In this case, there is redness, pain, itching, discharge, viral warts, pain in the relationship, and even increased body temperature.

Vaginal Flora
Then, bacteria, fungi and viruses are given a free path to the interior, creating inflammation.

How to maintain (and return) the balance of the vaginal flora?

  • Do not wash and rub the unconscious vagina with unsuitable gels and soaps. These products contain chemicals that over time can remove and destroy the good bacteria that are found in the vagina and protect you from diseases.
  • In the sex art, dependably utilize security, particularly on the off chance that you have an association with a man you don’t know well, since it is the best way to counteract contact with potential microbes, organisms and infections in your body.
  • If uterine fungus occurs, in that case you should refrain from too sweet and yeast foods, such as kecos, pastry, mushrooms, peanuts, cakes, cheeses …
  • Drinking a beverage of one liter and a half of water with three lemons and three tablespoons maple syrup is prescribed. This sum ought to be expended inside three days.
  • If you drink a large amount of yogurt and bio-crops it can help your body regain balance, and at the same time you can dip one buffer into yogurt (with the addition of a juice of one garlic) and place it in the vagina over night, every other night.
  • To enhance resistance and against irritations, drink tea from eating, marigold or basil (immunological); rosemary, lavender or sage (antifungal herbs); or chamomile and wide leafed tiger (antibacterial).
  • During the day, you can drink one liter of these teas, or 50 to 100 drops of the appropriate tincture of the medicinal herb, depending on whether you are fighting against bacteria or fungus.
  • Antibiotics are only used when the vaginal flora has a proven bacterium, for which a test has been made to determine which antibiotic acts against that bacterium. Antibiotics have no effect on fungal infections and viruses.

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