Foods That you do not Need to Store in a Refrigerator

In order for you to use all the groceries and eat healthy food, it’s important to know how to properly freeze it, but also what types of food you should not store in the refrigerator.

Even some of the most experienced housewives do not know all the rules for freezing food, and above all the basic rules about which foods can put in ice, and which are not recommended to freeze.

Even some of the most experienced housewives do not know all the rules for freezing food

That is the reason, Dr. Joanna McClellan, in the show Today Show, chose to discuss this point, lastly to discover which kinds of nourishment does not regard store in the fridge.

“Freezing is a really great way to preserve food, because we do not have to use chemical preservation. In fact, it is one of the oldest ways to save food. I think we underestimated it today, thinking that everything fresh is better for us, but it’s not really true, “says Geoana.

In addition to the show, she stressed that by placing food in the refrigerator, the bacteria can not be completely removed, so if the food is abruptly broken, it is already too late to put it in the refrigerator.

Geoana then reveals and which groceries should never be frozen:

Milk – It loses its taste when it unfreezes (but it’s ok for cooking).

Well-fried foods – after defrosting, the top layer will turn into a slurry.

Sour cream – can be used for cooking, but the liquid part will be separated immediately after freezing.

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