Figs, typical Mediterranean fruit, with oval or pear-shaped form, which can be eaten fresh or dried. The outer color of the fruit varies from light green, gold, brown to dark. Ficus carica for the Mediterranean peoples is what is the apple for continents. This tasty and medicinal fruit is known for centuries and symbolizes life, peace, well-being and fertility, but also eroticism. There is a belief that precisely using figs, women can mislead their loved one. This “biblical” fruit comes from Egypt, from where it is transmitted to Crete in ancient Greece. Here it became one of the main food supplies, and the Romans considered it sacred fruit. The fig tree was the favorite fruit of Cleopatra.

Fresh and dried figs contain a lot of gelatins that assistance control sugar and lower cholesterol in the blood. They additionally contain tryptophan that gives a decent rest and encourages the cerebrum to improve utilization of sugar. In 100g crisp figs have around 17.5 grams of magnesium, and three fold the amount of in dried figs. This mineral is the way to shielding the body from the effect of pressure and is a powdered emollient for sensory system cells. Dried figs absolutely on account of the present magnesium, are the product of decision for muscle nourishment and for the strength of veins.

They contain a consistent measure of water and normal sugars that empower the mind to think all the more rapidly. They are

They contain a consistent measure of water and normal sugars that empower the mind to think all the more rapidly. They are a phenomenal wellspring of vitality and the individuals who eat them permit sharpness, freshness and snappy reaction. Five figs give enough fiber daily, along these lines helping stomach related organs and are prescribed against blockage. Drain juice is utilized to treat contagious contaminations of the skin, warts and softening rankles. Juice has germicide and disinfectant impact. Also, the leaves of this plant are utilized as a part of the eating routine and are very remedial. They have antidiabetic movement, they bring down triglycerides in the blood and help back off the development of disease cells.

Alert – amid modern drying of figs, sulfur dioxide and sulphites are utilized to expand their timeframe of realistic usability. These sulphites cause an unfavorably susceptible response in 1 of every 100 individuals, and the FDA appraises that it can happen in 5% of asthmatics.

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