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Four Kinds of Back Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

Back pain isn’t necessarily something you need to think about, but you need to pay more attention to a few different situations. The Huffington Post distinguishes four distinct forms of back pain you shouldn’t forget.

Pain is common in the lower back, and occurs in around one in eight people. The good news is that 80 to 90% of lower back pain is mild, and passes easily.

feel pain
Many people who feel pain in the upper back think that the pain comes from the back,

“For a few days or a week, the back can hurt you, but the general pain quickly goes away and you can move on with your life,” orthopedic surgeon Neil Anand explains.

But when the pain becomes permanent and impossible, you should visit a doctor.

Here are four types of pain:

Lower back pain with loss of bladder control

If you have back pain associated with an inability to control activity of the bladder or intestines, this is a warning that you should seek medical assistance.

Back pain with fever

If you find that back pain occurs along with fever, it can be a sign of something as serious as an infection, warns surgeon David Anderson.

Back pain with leg pain

Another symptom of involvement of a nerve or multiple nerves is discomfort that may occur on any part of the body from back to foot, along with a sensation of stiffness, tingling or weakness in the legs. This may be due to bone injury or herniation of the muscle.

Pain in the upper back with discomfort in the neck

Many people who feel pain in the upper back think that the pain comes from the back, but it actually comes from the neck. If you experience back pain associated with tingling or weakness in your hands or if you notice that you are unsteady or have a change in gait, this is a sign that something is happening in your spinal cord and that you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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