Traditional medicine has long recognized the healing properties of pears. First of all, first of all you need to know about pears is that they must not be eaten on an empty stomach or after meat and heavy dishes. After the pears, however, you should not drink water because it can cause diarrhea. On the other hand, if you suffer from constipation, pears are a great solution to this problem. Pectin in pears also helps to lower cholesterol levels, especially if they are eaten unhooked and have a thin and soft shell.

Baby food

Many specialists prescribe pears to be one of the principal natural products to nourish the child. In spite of the fact that this isn’t deductively demonstrated, nobody addresses the way that pears are anything but difficult to process, so they are given to babies from the most punctual age. Another explanation behind pushing pears is that this natural product once in a while causes hypersensitivities.

It slows down aging

No less than three suppers daily diminish the danger of macular degeneration by 36%, which happens with maturing. The information distributed in the Archives of Ophthalmology demonstrate that cancer prevention agents, vitamins A, C and E found in the pears are deserving of these therapeutic properties.

Reduce the risk of stroke

Antioxidant glutathione, found in pears, has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure, and also reduces the risk of stroke. Another porsche antioxidant – quercetin, helps in the prevention of cancer and arterial damage that can lead to heart disease.

In traditional medicine, pear have long been used to treat prostatitis, which is one of the most common urological diagnoses for men under 50 years of age.

Protects against diabetes

Pears lessen the danger of sort 2 diabetes. The specialists have discovered that specific sorts of flavonoids in sustenance can enhance insulin affectability, and quite compelling around there are three gatherings of flavonoids found in pear. In any case, another examination of Nurses’ Health Study has demonstrated that the blend of apple and pear has the best impact on diminishing the danger of sort 2 diabetes. Diabetics are encouraged to consistently take juice from sound pears 30 minutes before eating.

Treating prostatitis

In traditional medicine, pear have long been used to treat prostatitis, which is one of the most common urological diagnoses for men under 50 years of age. Tea from pear leaves contributes to the removal of stone and sand from the kidneys and facilitates the elimination of bacteria from the urinary tract, and also acts on inflammation of the joints.

It improves the work of the heart

On account of the potassium and sodium they contain, pear animate the emission of liquids and bringing down circulatory strain, enhancing heart work, transmitting nerve driving forces, and working the muscles. Aside from potassium and sodium, the pears contain a considerable amount of folic corrosive, which anticipates joint pain and ailment.

They eliminate fatigue

It is advisable to eat pears at fatigue, dizziness, tachycardia, loss of appetite and a decline in immunity. If you are anemic, eat two large lunches each day, like dessert. In this case, the pears are eaten peeled, while the pulp should be mixed with two tablespoons of honey.

Pear help against cough and fever. Boiled and roasted pear are used to treat bronchitis.

It reduces cough and heals bronchitis

Pears help against cough and fever. Boiled and roasted pears are used to treat bronchitis.

They lower the temperature

For centuries, pear are used to lower the temperature. A large glass of freshly squeezed pear juice will contribute to the immediate feeling of cooling.

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