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A 2018 study shows that 63-72 per cent of people don't wear good shoes.

Why Is Walking Barefoot Healthy?

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I enjoy wearing shoes that many will envy but research has shown that going barefoot is safer.

A 2018 study shows that 63-72 per cent of people don’t wear good shoes. There’s proof that getting these shoes off and going barefoot like our ancestors is better.

I enjoy wearing shoes that many will envy but research has shown that going barefoot is safer

Walking without shoes has its many advantages:

It reduces joint pain

To avoid pain in the joints caused by shoe pressure, it is advisable to reinforce the muscles of the legs and to allow the toes and foot to be in a natural position.

It provides muscle strength and stability

Most shoes are too sturdy and have a heavy backrest to make you walk easy. This artificial support can however prevent you from strengthening certain muscle groups that can actually strengthen your body, said a foot surgeon, Dr. Bruce Pinker.

It increases your body’s awareness of the environment

This is especially important for babies and toddlers who have just started learning how their bodies work. By allowing them to walk without shoes, they are more likely to get better sensory information from the feet to the brain. Adults too can benefit from this.

Improves sleep

Barefoot walking outside is part of what is called grounding, and that is when you have contact with the electronic surfaces of the Earth. The study showed that earthing improves sleep in people with sleep problems.

While these are months when you can’t walk barefoot outside, you can do so in the heat of your home.

Reduces stress

The same study also proved that earthing can reduce stress. All participants in the study reported that their stress levels were significantly reduced or completely disappeared.

Increases the amount of energy

It can be calming to come into contact with nature and therefore replenish your strength. This can give you the energy you need to return to modern society, take some time to be in nature.

It strengthens the immune system

One of the many earth research has shown it has a big effect on the immune system.

During the study, people who exercised barefoot felt less discomfort, and had a shorter recovery time than those who did footwear.

Provides better control of foot position

Walking barefoot restores your natural walking pattern, also known as walking.

Therefore, the position of the foot while hitting the ground will be better than when wearing shoes.

Increases balance

Going barefoot is better than wearing thick-soled sneakers, at least when it comes to balance. Legs with age become less sensitive. When your feet lose touch with the ground, you may become more prone to falling, says evolutionary biologist Daniel E. Lieberman.

Keeps knees, hips and core in proper posture

Your knees, hips, and core will fit better without shoes because, for example, the soles of the sneakers push your pelvis down and change your natural posture.

In fact, no matter what shoes you wear, they will shape your knees, hips and core a little different from your natural state.

It reduces pain and inflammation

A study of the effects of earthing has shown that it can reduce pain and inflammation. Contacting the ground seems to serve as an efficient battery for you.

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