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How much water
Do you need to drink more? The experts answered the following questions.

We Asked The Experts: How Much Water Is Needed To Drink During Pregnancy?

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You probably already realize very well that it’s imperative to hydrate your body to be health and you might pursue the old principle – drinking eight glasses of water a day. But what about when you are pregnant? Do you need to drink more? The experts answered the following questions.

How much water should you drink during pregnancy?

“The suggestion for drinking water during pregnancy is about six to eight glasses of water a day,” explains Dr. Edward Marut, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Illinois Fertility Center.

how much water
How much water should you drink during pregnancy?

While at the Office of Women’s Health, which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, they recommend that a pregnant woman drink about 10 glasses (or about 2 liters) of fluid a day, slightly more than standard 8 glasses. But the exact amount you need varies by your body type, size and activity level, so it is best to consult your doctor if you are looking for more accurate information.

Are other liquids also counted?

“Of course, ‘liquids’ don’t just mean glasses of water. In addition to water, healthy fruit and vegetable drinks such as fruit juices or milk should be consumed in order to maintain intravascular volume (the volume of blood in the circulatory system), “explains Dr. Marut.

In any case, before you attempt to supplant your eight glasses of water with eight glasses of milk, remember this. You should confine the quantity of drinks containing caffeine, (for example, coffee) you expend on the grounds that caffeine influences your infant. Pregnant ladies are prescribed to constrain caffeine admission to under 200 milligrams per day. Remember that caffeine is likewise found in tea, carbonated juices and hot cocoa, so remember this when making counts for your admission of caffeine.

It’s not known how caffeine affects babies, but what is known so far is that it slightly increases your blood pressure, heart rate and the amount of urine your body produces. During pregnancy you may be particularly sensitive to caffeine because it takes longer to cleanse your body than when you are not pregnant.

Dr. Marut says that a cup of tea or coffee won’t hurt you, but it can make you dehydrated. “If you are thirsty, you are probably lagging behind with the amount of fluid needed. It’s similar to the situation when it’s hot outside or while you’re practicing. “

How will you know if you do not drink enough water?

In addition to feeling thirsty, other signs of dehydration include dark colored urine (pay attention to colors), rare urination (less than 3 times daily), dry, sticky mouth and eyes, dizziness or dizziness, constipation, headache, as well as increased anxiety, fatigue, mood swings and decreased memory.

Also if you face morning sickness you lose fluid very quickly, so it is advisable to drink extra water. Also drink water at room temperature, because during pregnancy you may be more sensitive to extreme temperatures – drinking too cold or too hot can increase abdominal pain and make you feel nauseous.

What are the benefits of drinking more water during pregnancy?

By increasing your water intake, you will help your body absorb nutrients by eliminating harmful waste and toxins, transporting vitamins, minerals, and hormones to the blood cells. While you are pregnant, your body likewise needs liquids to deliver rich water, produce extra blood volume, construct new tissue, decrease swollen feet and lower legs, diminish the danger of urinary tract diseases and untimely birth. what’s more, dispose of stoppage.

“Plasma volume increments as pregnancy advances, giving sufficient blood supply to the placenta,” Dr. Marut said. “That is the reason consistence with these necessities is significant.”

Blood volume rises to 50% during pregnancy, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health.

What is the best way to make sure you drink enough water?

To make sure you drink enough fluids throughout the day, add to your diet and water-rich fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, cabbage and melon. You can also eat raw foods such as yogurt (which provides you with extra calcium), soup and ice cream on a stick for snacks. Soup (as long as it is low in sodium), mineral water and caffeine-free tea are also in the group of liquids that can help.

On the other hand, carbonated beverages and artificial juices contain a lot of sugars and empty calories, artificial sweeteners and colors, so do not eat them often in large quantities. They may temporarily relieve your thirst, but in the long run they can dehydrate you a lot.

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