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Healthy Eating Habits Preserve Healthy Teeth


The teeth play a key function in the processing of the food we eat and the care for them is essential. The following guidelines will assist to shield your tooth health and preserve their high-quality white color. Our teeth are essential for chewing food. However, they are not indestructible and …

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Whitening Teeth With Turmeric


One of the most commonly used spices in culinary is turmeric. It gives a lovely and intriguing taste to the dishes, just as extreme yellow color. Outside the kitchen, turmeric has various medical advantages, for example, managing glucose, reducing the risk of heart disease, having antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, reducing …

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Coconut Paste For White Teeth And Fresh Breath

coconut paste

What makes us look fresh, attractive and dazzling is the pearly white. When it’s on our smile, it’s not like we do not attract attention to ourselves. For our teeth to be healthy and white, we need to take care of oral health daily, because it is at the basis …

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7 Groceries That Are The Enemies Of Your Teeth

We find out what groceries your dentist wants to avoid. Sunflower seeds They have a firm external shell that can harm your teeth when you when you try to bite it. If you are fond of these healthy snacks, a better option is already peeled seeds. Cubes of ice And …

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Eat Indian Nuts And Protect Your Teeth And Health

Indian nuts

Indian walnuts are a healthy snack, which is rich in iron, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. It protects the health of the heart, it has a beneficial effect on diabetes, an antioxidant, and is used for weight loss. But these are not the only health benefits of the Indian nut. …

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When Is The Best Time To Brush Your Teeth?


The standard tip of dental cleanliness dentistry has dependably been to be brushed twice per day, utilizing a string and flushing with suitable means. Be that as it may, a few people consolidate their teeth once in the morning and once at night, yet others do this after each supper. …

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Do You Wash Your Teeth In The Right Way?


     In spite of the fact that it’s a day by day action, many individuals still don’t give careful consideration to washing their teeth, so they regularly do it in the wrong way. Specialists guarantee that it influences an expansion in the quantity of individuals with dental issues. A …

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9 Facts About The Teeth You Need To Know


Why is teeth hygiene extremely important? These (unpleasant) facts about teeth will give you an answer to the question and will make you never skip the brushing of your teeth. On the teeth, seals, gums, a layer of dental plaque is continually stored, which is brimming with microscopic organisms – …

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