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Which Hormone Is The Key To Weight Loss?

weight loss

In our body there is one hormone that is key to weight reduction. It is a special enzyme, that is hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). We all have this traces in our body, and he is responsible for destroying the fat cells in the body. HSL works optimally when the level of …

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Gargle Oil in the Mouth: Why and How?


Gargle with olive, sunflower oil or sesame oil is a great way to eliminate bacteria and impurities in the mouth and throat. And that’s not all, washing your mouth can help you to remove toxins from your whole body, as well as to treat certain diseases. The most common health …

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You Want Spicy? We Represent The Good Sides Of It

spicy foods

You want spicy? We represent the good sides of spicy foods. Everyone wants sometimes to eat spicy food, which has a lot advantages. Prevents cancer Studies have shown that capsaicin in spicy pepperoni kills cancer cells. This crisp vegetable also helps in the war against colds, as a prevention of …

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These Are The Key Foods To Beat Seasonal Cold


How to beat the seasonal cold At this time of the year, colds often can appear and do bother for a few days. The infusion, also known as acute use, is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. The usual symptoms are runny nose, sneezing, fever, headache, sore throat, fever, …

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