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Immunity Keepers: 10 Foods With A High Percentage Of Vitamin C

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Vitamin C plays an important role when it comes to strengthening immunity. He is great in treatment as well as prevention in flu and cold season.

The orange is a natural product that is known as a foodstuff with the most nutrient C in itself. Doctors recommend consuming a cup of orange ounce per day, but it will surprise you that there are other foods that contain a much higher percentage of this vitamin.

Chile pepper

Half a plate of these peppers contains 107.8 mg. vitamin C, which is twice as high as the orange. They are also great in reducing muscle pain, according to scientists.


The measure of vitamin C in this flavorful organic product is 84 mg. Strawberries are great gatekeepers of the heart and they help to whiten teeth.

Red pepper

It contains even multiple times more orange vitamin C – 190 mg. The pepper is wealthy in nutrient A, which is incredible for eye health.

Green pepper

In spite of the fact that it contains a lower measure of vitamin C than red pepper, this rate is twice as high as the every day suggested portion. What’s more, green pepper is an incredible wellspring of fiber.


Contains 132 mg. vitamin C, and also a lot of fiber and just 30 calories for every serving.


Studies demonstrate that papaya utilization cleans the sinuses, enhances bone quality and enhances skin versatility. One serving of this fruit contains 88 mg. vitamin C.


With the exception of 72 mg. vitamin C, pineapple additionally contains catalysts that assistance process sustenance and prevent bloating.


This is a vegetable that contains twice as much vitamin A than the recommended and 7 times the recommended dose of vitamin K. As for vitamin C, the kale contains 80.4 mg.


This natural product contains even 137 mg. vitamin C.


Aside from vitamin C, mango is plentiful with vitamin A.

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