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How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits And How Many Days Do You Need?

new habits

We all have a dozen activities that make up our daily routine, from frequent teeth brushing to coffee drinking at 11 am. Many behaviors are good and beneficial, including going to the gym and even smoking cigarettes on a daily basis or ordering pizza regularly-negative or even harmful. There are …

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Avoid Insomnia With These Aromas

sleep better

To make it easier to fall asleep at night, take advantage of nature. It offers calming spices, even the fragrance alone is sufficient to make you sleep better. Try to help yourself spontaneously before taking medication to help you if you have trouble sleeping. Try to help yourself spontaneously before …

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Why Do We Need Sugar When We Are Stressed?

stressed person

When under stress, cortisol levels rise in the body, and for it to be reversed, we need a greater amount of sugar. It is not in vain that the sad and tearful characters in the films are treated with ice cream. If you offer a stressed person an entire buffet, …

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Why Don’t Some People Feel The Effect Of Coffee?


You may have noticed that while some people have instant wake-up coffee, others may drink it just before bedtime and not drink it at all. It is a variation of the PDSS2 gene that some people have and others do not. It is this gene that affects how the body …

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Caffeine Hangover – What Is It And When Does It Occur?

caffeine hangover

You shouldn’t exaggerate anything in life, which refers to coffee and all other products containing caffeine, as they can lead to a condition called a caffeine hangover. You shouldn’t exaggerate anything in life, which refers to coffee and all other products containing caffeine, as they can lead to a condition …

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Quickly And Effectively Remove Odor From Cigarettes

remains for any non-smoker

The smell that remains for any non-smoker after indoor smoking is a nightmare, but not even for smokers. Worst of all, the accumulated smoke that is being pumped almost everywhere is difficult to get rid of, and even ventilation does not help. Luckily there are tricks that will successfully solve …

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How To Keep An Eye On A Computer All Day Long

looking at a monitor

We’re all looking at a monitor for half a day, whether at work or at home, and spending our free time watching another screen-the one on the phone. For our eyes and eyes, it’s all very bad. With a few simple changes, however, you can do a lot and avoid …

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How Does Green Affect Mental Health?

positive effect

Living close to nature with greenery has a very positive effect on both your mental and physical health, while at the same time making you productive and committed to your daily responsibilities. According to a survey in the United Kingdom, people living in downtown surrounded by buildings and concrete were …

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