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Healthy Food For Toddlers


Spinach & ricotta cannelloni This meal you can turn into an activity to keep toddlers happily occupied. Let them stir the filling, peel the onion or wash the spinach. This meal you can turn into an activity to keep toddlers happily occupied. Ingredients: 375 g fresh lasagne sheets 70 g …

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Healthy Meals For Kids

Turkey reubens

These are Turkey Reubens, but small and funny like Pee Wee. Ok, the kids will love making these with their rice, molds or the handy, cut out juice box. These rice “sandwiches “are full of calming tryptophan from the turkey and calcium from Swiss cheese. Your kids will feel double …

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Mother Shared Fantastic Advice If The Child Hit His Head


One blogger shared a strange and unusual advice she received from a nurse on her blog after taking her daughter to hospital because she fell on her head. This mother was completely frustrated after her daughter injured her head on the first day of school. She was taken to the …

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What Are The Ideal Years To Become A Mother?

becoming a mother

The question of ideal years when becoming a mother is unnecessary. Every woman becomes physically and mentally mature for motherhood at different times in her life. Every woman should make the decision individually when she feels that she is ready for it. However, one thing to keep in mind is …

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Pregnancy In Later Years Can Improve A Woman’s Health

Pregnancy in later years

Research shows that an increasing number of women are choosing to become pregnant in later years of life, so it is not surprising that the increase in the number of “geriatric pregnancies” has been significantly higher in recent years. TV star Joan Gaines uncovered what it resembles to be pregnant …

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Why Young Children Refuse To Go To Sleep

young children

In our culture it is quite common for young children to resist when we put them to sleep. They make up various excuses – that they are not tired, that they are hungry, thirsty, that they want another story – all just to delay going to bed. They are afraid …

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How To Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy?

after childbirth

It is normal for every woman to gain one kilogram during pregnancy. But after childbirth, many women have problems with overweight and do not know how to get back into shape. If you find yourself in this situation, the following 3 tips will help. If you find yourself in this …

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Five Golden Rules For The First Three Days Of Breastfeeding


Since moms from the outset begin to feel lost and regularly have a dread of breastfeeding, here are some tips that will make your journey easier. The benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the baby’s nutritional and nutritional values. During the initial three days you will most likely evaluate how regularly to …

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How To Get Kids To Eat Healthier?

kids eat

Kids don’t always eat the healthiest foods, but if you keep offering them something they didn’t like at first, citing the benefits of consuming them, you could teach them to start eating healthy, say US scientists. In an examination distributed in the Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behavior, 87 youngsters …

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