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Antioxidants – Why and Where


Antioxidants, the substances that protect us against free radicals need to be lavished in our systems in order to maintain or general health and to gain protection against chronic diseases such as cancer, macular disease, heart disease and diabetes.  They are constantly produced by our bodies, but the quantity produced …

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Kiwis – Health Benefits


Kiwis – rich in taste and pretty colored; did you know that they contain more vitamin C than oranges? Furthermore, a kiwi has as much potassium as a banana does. Asians seem to be very lucky as far as healing and highly beneficial plants are concerned, because kiwis are considered …

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5 Things Why It’s Good To Use Ginger

Use ginger

Ginger is used as a herbal remedy around the world, thanks to the Asians who did not cease to share it with the world both for its spicy taste and its medicinal properties. Even though its taste might not seem appealing to you, it is considered to be a universal …

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Soybeans – Health Benefits


Soybeans have long been valued in the East Asian diets because of their high nutritional values and their culinary versatility. Soybeans are among the few plants that contain proteins among their nutritional values. Therefore, soybeans are an extremely important in vegetarian diets and in normal diets when proteins are lacking. …

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Dates – What They Do For You


The fruit called date, also known as ‘the crown of sweets’ has uncountable nutritional value, thus it brings us many health benefits.  They are a great source of fiber, potassium, sulphur, phosphorous, copper, magnesium and calcium, which are essential for our health. Can you believe that these can be contained …

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Limes – Health Benefits


Originating in Southeast Asia, the fruit known as lime is the smallest fruit from the citrus family. Containing twice the juice a lemon does, it might actually have more health benefits as well, besides being one of the best preservatives, a great odor remover as far as onion and fish …

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Chew Slowly. Why?

chew slower

Eating – such a simple pleasure. Luckily, we need food, but, unfortunately, it can make us gain weight if we don’t eat appropriately and in adequate quantities. Here is where science gets involved and gives you some very wise advice: chew slower than you currently do. The reasons behind this …

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The Best Low-Calorie Snack Combinations

snack combinations

Food combinations are better. Try our surprising mix that offer a nutritional payload greater than the sum of their parts. We will give you 4 snack combinations. We will give you 4 snack combinations. 1. Broccoli + Eggs Forget heading out for a fry-up; herein lies a better cure for …

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Don’t Avoid These Foods,They Are Healthier Than You Think


1. Cheese While you will find some unhealthy fats, don’t count out cheese! It’s an excellent source of protein, calcium and even contains a small amount of vitamin D.  Watching your waistline? Keep portions to about 1-ounce and choose lower fat varieties like Swiss, Parmesan or part-skim mozzarella and ricotta. …

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