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These Are The Worst Supplements You Can Put In Your Salad


Even the term “salad” itself is related to nutrition, so we often add various ingredients to it without paying attention to portions, calories and nutrients. The ideal salad should be healthy and contain approximately 4-5 supplements that provide different nutrients and flavors. But to make the perfect mix, you don’t …

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Antibiotic Diet That Helps With Infections In The Body


We also know that white rice, white sugar and dairy products are the main enemies of fungal infections with the exception of yogurt and kefir. Yeast infection, of course, also requires treatment, but with proper nutrition, you can improve the effect. Next, low-carbohydrate foods like chicken and turkey, fish, nuts, …

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Prepare Your Body And Be Healthy All Winter


Mid-autumn is a great time to get your body ready to try to protect yourself from viruses and colds that can be really boring. Follow these simple rules and the next winter you’re very likely to get not sick: Mid-autumn is a great time to get your body ready to …

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Four Interesting Situations In Which You Can Use Apples


According to recent archaeological discoveries, people seem to have enjoyed apples from the ancient 6500 BC. We have perfected the preparation of apple pies effectively since then, producing soothing spreads and various apple cider vinegar applications. But it seems we don’t know a lot of things yet. So here are …

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Leg Cramps Are A Dangerous Symptom


Occasional tight squeezing or cramping of the thigh muscle that can spread to the abdomen may also be caused by a lack of minerals in the skin, often due to excessive sweating, but often indicates critical narrowing or clogging of the arteries in the leg. If it is found that …

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Why To Eat Young Onions?

young onions

Since this period is everywhere, not taking advantage of our health benefits is a real disadvantage. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, has antibacterial properties, protects from inflammation, and is excellent for digestion improvement. And you shouldn’t throw away the green onion as it contains healthy ingredients. While helping …

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