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Fruits have recently been blamed badly because of fructose.

4 Things You Need To Know About The Fruit

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Fruits have recently been blamed badly because of fructose. Individuals believe that fructose from the fruit causes an increased level of triglycerides, as well as other unhealthy blood lipids, and that eventually leads to heart disease.

Fruits have recently been blamed badly because of fructose.

However, the truth is that without fear you can enjoy your natural sweets, if you follow these four rules:

Avoid wolf in lamb skin

In a healthy selection of fruits certainly do not include foods such as sweet and fruit marmalade, dried fruit or fruit juices. They are plentiful with sugars that do not even come from fruits but from concentrates. Dried fruits are full of chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, which serves to preserve the color of the fruit and make it even more delicious. You must treat these and similar things as sweets because they are more sweet than fruits.

Avoid fruits that are full of sugars

Grapes, mangoes and bananas are more than delicious, yet in addition brimming with sugars, particularly fructose. Therefore, treat these fruits as dessert, and for daily consumption you can choose, for example, avocados, olives or coconuts (yes, and that’s the fruit!) – they are the ideal mix of  delicious fiberglass sugars and a bit of sugar.

Combine fruits with protein or fat

To better absorb nutrients, consolidate fruit with healthy fats and proteins to dodge the collection of sugars. For instance, moisten the butter of almonds on sliced apple, mix your hand with raw almonds with orange or insert blueberries in its yogurt.

Do not eat the stories about the harmfulness of the fruit

Also, you do not need to consume fruit every day in huge amounts. Likewise with all life propensities, and here balance is the way to everything. A few pieces of fruit that are not full of sugars will help you bring in the required daily intake of nutrients and fibers, and at the same time will sweeten you with a little calories.

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